A universal truth

Creating insightful and relevant work begins with a solid strategic platform. We don’t assume that the general market strategy and campaigns do not work. We research and analyze, and then decide what path will take us to our audience.

Start by looking

We begin with a thorough audit of the current brand platform and audience targets. We search to see if the target or strategy has relevancy within the Hispanic market. From there, we can know enough to determine if the strategic insight for the general market works or can be reworked for the Hispanic audience.

Choose a path

Once we understand our consumer mindset and the current brand platform, we decide if the two can intersect or need to diverge, in which case a separate strategy and creative direction are necessary.

Defining an audience

We start by asking a few questions: What do people think? What do they have in common? What drives them?

What we find is that starting with a more attitudinal, aspirational consumer segment that is NOT rooted in a demographic description, we can attract larger audiences.

More importantly, a mindset approach provides us with a consumer baseline that is rich with insight. Because we are now working off of attitudes, values and beliefs vs. demographic statistics.

The Mindset Model Works

Using the mindset approach, The Home Depot was able to expand its audience pool to 7 million consumers, vastly larger than the 2.6 million consumer opportunity it was seeing with a purely demographic segmentation model.

Spherical® branding

Spherical® branding is our proprietary tool for creating a brand platform, known as our Spherical brand promise. It is a step-by-step approach that leads us to stronger, longer-lasting and more profitable brands.

A sphere looks the same from all directions – and we believe that brands should be the same.


We identify every point at which consumers interact with our brands and apply the branding elements we have developed. This includes the traditional spaces of television (both English and Spanish channels), radio, outdoors, online, in-store, etc.

Richards/Lerma has helped to develop some of the most robust campaigns to date for several of our brands, including Ram Trucks, The Home Depot, Advance Auto Parts and MetroPCS.

We create

Brand-centric and uncompromising, we never approach creative as one-off development sprinkled with random oversight. Instead, creative and planning teams work closely together to ensure that the proper foundation is laid to inspire creative communications that are consistently effective and compelling. This process transcends language and culture and effectively connects brands and their consumers.

Brand Management / Creative Research/Brand Planning / Media / Public Relations Broadcast Production / Digital / Graphic Design Analytics / Promotional Marketing Relationship Marketing / Naming Sports & Entertainment Marketing

We Execute

Richards/Lerma has had the unique opportunity to hand-select industry leaders in Hispanic marketing to build our team. The agency reflects the diverse Hispanic population, with team members hailing from across Latin America, as well as second- and third-generation Latinos from throughout the U.S.

Explore disciplines to the left/above

Brand Management

Our brand management team works closely with our clients to ensure that all relationships are run effectively and efficiently. It features a combination of industry experience, world-class training and ongoing development via Richards/Lerma’s intensive brand management training programs.


Brand-centric and uncompromising, our writers and art directors never approach creative as one-off development, but rather, they develop cohesive campaigns. Creative and planning teams work closely to ensure that the proper foundation is laid to inspire creative communications that are consistently effective and compelling. This process transcends language and culture and effectively connects brands and their consumers.

Research/Brand Planning

Our planning team utilizes a unique process that always begins with an assessment of the general market to ultimately determine what is the best strategic platform for the Hispanic audience. In addition to an exhaustive library of research tools, we utilize our proprietary tools, such as Spherical® branding and Connections Mapping, to help build and create lasting brands.


Our media operation is on the edge of major trends within the media space and the Hispanic market. The team we have assembled brings experience, knowledge and relationships with the media world to the table. It also represents today’s Hispanic media consumers and their ever-changing consumption habits.

Public Relations

The public relations team provides robust services, including communications strategy, media relations, cause-related branding, internal branding, community relations, speechwriting, presentations, event planning, crisis management and communications/media training.

Broadcast Production

Our broadcast producers have experience with both U.S. Hispanic and Latin America productions. The team is renowned for providing the most detailed, cost-conscious schedules and timelines that lead to excellent productions.


A digital strategy is always an integrated component of our Hispanic marketing and communications plans – never an afterthought. Full-service digital communications planning and development services include interactive marketing strategy, online media planning and buying, campaign management and optimization, acquisition and retention email programs, search engine optimization, website development, content management, viral marketing and emerging media.

Graphic Design

We have the capability to help create brand identity pieces and graphic standards, corporate graphics, signage and directional graphics, package design, and annual report and corporate brochure design.


The analytics team works to find quantitative solutions that allow our efforts to be more targeted, relevant and profitable. This includes segmentation, media mix analysis, forecasting, prediction, dashboard reporting and survey analysis.

Promotional Marketing

We have created integrated programs for consumer and trade. We concept through execution of point-of-sale, visual merchandising, experiential branding, trade show, event marketing, sweepstakes, games and premiums, all rooted in the same overarching brand strategy.

Relationship Marketing

The team defines actionable marketing strategies and delivers and implements direct response solutions that are knowledge-driven, metrics-driven and results-driven.


Our naming division assists with the development, screening, research and selection of new company or brand names, along with coordination with legal counsel.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

The team provides advisory and activation services to maximize the impact and effectiveness of sports and entertainment marketing initiatives.

We Trailblaze

Our goal is to be the best Hispanic agency in America. Not just creatively – but in every discipline we offer. We are a full-service agency that has recruited top Hispanic talent to deliver on this goal, and we continually push our thinking forward.